Children & Grandkids

Children & Grandkids

10 Facts About Grandparents

10 Facts About Grandparents

  1. On average, one person will be grandparent for half of his/her adult life.

According to AARP's 2002 Grandparent Study, the average age of becoming a grandparent is 48. As 18 is considered to be the beginning of adulthood, the average person will live 30 years of his/her adult life before becoming a grandparent. Since the average life span of an American is 78 years, the average person is also likely to be a grandparent for 30 years, which means half of life.

2. About 15% of grandparents care for their grandchildren while parents are working.

15% of grandparents are caring for their grandchildren every day (bring them to school, have lunch or dinner) when the parents are working.

3. The number of grandmothers exceeds the number of grandfathers

Due to the fact that women are living longer than men, grandmothers outnumber grandfathers. However, this trend could change in the future.

4. Grandparents always have incredible stories to tell.

Anecdotes, family stories, personal experiences, grandparents are an inexhaustible source of wonderful stories. And they love to share them!

5. Eating at grandparent’s home is the best.

We don’t know why but there isn’t anything else more tasty than grandma's homemade dishes.

6. Today’s grandparents spend more time with their grandchildren than grandparents in the past.

In the past, many grandchildren report never spending time with their grandparents.

7. They solve “new” problems with ancient remedies.

They know many tricks, fruit of their experience. They can solve problems that you thought had no solution, and all with old remedies. Do you have a sunburn? Do you have a wine stain? Do you want to keep the mosquitoes away from you? Your grandparents might have a solution that can’t be found in pharmacies or supermarkets.

8. Grandparents are a source of information.

Grandparents know a lot of things and especially about the family. You can ask for any family member or friend that you haven’t seen for a long time, they will surely know where that person is living, what is she doing, how many children they have, etc. We have no idea how they do it, but they are always up to date, elephant memory.

9. They constantly repeat “In my time,..”.

If you spend time with your grandparents, maybe you have already heard the famous "in my time ..". For example, when they see bad news on television they say: "In my time, those things couldn’t happen".

10. Grandparents are modern.

According to, 75% of grandparents are online, and that percentage is continually rising.