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10 small actions you can make to stop climate change

10 small actions you can make to stop climate change

It's not a mystery that our planet is dying. Little by little, we're finishing the natural resources, and the earth is warming up. Climate change is a serious problem, and if we don't start taking measures to stop it as soon as possible, we will lose the only planet we have.

If you'd also like to fight against climate change and help, here are 10 small actions you can start with:

Say goodbye to your car

Cars are one of the first sources of air pollution, and that's why, if you want to start to reduce your carbon footprint, it's necessary to stop using the car so much, and start walking or taking public transportation, whenever it's possible.

Recycle instead of throwing out

Recycling can help to reduce the production of new materials that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Re-use instead of buying

We live in a consumerist society, and we're used to throwing out everything that is slightly damaged or old, instead of giving it a second chance. Learn how to fix things that can be repaired, buy second-hand clothes and start buying only the things you need.

Check your water use

Small things everyone does, like leaving the water running while washing our teeth, mean a big waste of resources. It's important to be aware of our water use and start taking shorter showers, stop leaving the water running when it's not needed, and reusing it when possible.

Choose local markets

Local markets have many advantages, both for you and for the environment. Choosing local products, you will save a lot of Co2 emissions (that come from the transportation of such products from far away places). Moreover, it's more genuine and tasty!

Reduce your meat consumption

The production of meat means a very high emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing your meat consumption is a good start.

Save energy as much as possible

All the electricity we use contributes to emissions in the environment. To save them up, be aware of your use. Don't let the lights on where it's not necessary, use the washing machine when it's full, dry your clothes in the sun instead of with a drier, don't use too much air conditioning.

Travel smartly

Yes, travelling can also contribute to our footprint. Planes have very strong emissions of Co2 and that's why it's important to use alternatives. Prefer the train or the bus for medium term distances where it's not necessary to take a flight.

Check the efficiency of your household appliances

The efficiency of your appliances affects the emissions you produce. Chose efficient appliances to save energy. Both your finances and the environment will be very pleased!

Get informed and inform others

Another important step is to always be aware of the changes on the normative, the initiatives and what you can do. Get informed and inform your friends, relatives and convince everyone to start recycling. Our planet deserves it!

Do you have more advices to fight against climate change?

Picture by Valdemaras D. from Pexels