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5 Netflix series that represent diversity

5 Netflix series that represent diversity

Who doesn't love spending an afternoon snuggling on the couch with a new series and a blanket? We live in an era where new TV series are created every day to offer us different options to enjoy our free time.

Despite all this new material, producers don't always know how to deal with something that should be fundamental in our current society: inclusion. It's very important that the entertainment world learns to represent diversity in all its form. If you want to discover new series that include all kind of diversity in their stories, we advise 5 that you can find on Netflix:


Released in 2015, Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers who live in different parts of the world and that share a very special connection. We won't explain more of the story to avoid making spoilers. Sense8 managed to represent diversity in many forms: the characters are culturally distinct, they come from different countries and have different religions and ideologies. Moreover, representing different cultural identities made Sense8 one of the best LGBTQ+ series.

Unfortunately, this series was cancelled by Netflix after only two seasons, but it has a especial episode dedicated to ending this amazing story.

Sex Education

This is a pretty young series, counting with two seasons (it was released in 2019 and the second season just came out). It's set in a high school in England, where students face problems with their sexuality. This series set focus on a very important problem: the consequences of not having a sexual education in schools that often leads to young people suffering from STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) or not accepting their own sexuality.

The majority of characters in Sex Education are teens, and they have different sexual identities. The second season has a special focus on the acceptance of sexual identities. A message that a teen audience (but not only) needs to hear.


Few are the series that talk about autism openly and even fewer the series that have an autistic person as the main character. Atypical is one of these few. Sam Gardner is an autistic teenager and is the main character of the show. The series revolves around Sam's life, who want to start having sexual-romantic relationships, and his family, in which each member has a different way to approach Sam's autism.

Atypical is one of the few that is trying to represent neurodiversity, a concept created by the autistic community that refers to diversity in human beings in the neurological field, for instance, for conditions like autism, ADHA (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and others.

One Day at a Time

Starring the unstoppable Rita Moreno, One Day at a Time is a remake of the famous 70's TV show and tells the story of a Cuban-american family that lives in Los Angeles. This comedy-drama touches many forms of diversity, from being a cultural minority to discovering sexuality, living with mental illnesses and it also confronts themes like racism, homophobia and misogyny.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled by Netflix after three seasons, but we still recommend watching it as it was recently picked up again by another TV channel.

Orange is the New Black

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you want to jail? Orange is The New Black  is the television adaptation of the homonymous book by Piper Kerman, who narrates her 15-months stay in a female prison.

Piper offers a pretty privileged point of view on prison, as she comes from a rich family. Nonetheless, Orange is the New Black stands out for not only offering Piper's perspective, but also for telling the story of the main characters who also reside in Litchfield's prison, where the show is set. There's Taystee, who comes from the ghetto and lived in foster homes most of her life; Gloria, who left her family in Puerto Rico and came to the USA to work and sustain her relatives; Sophia, a transsexual woman whose family still struggle with accepting the transition of the former, and more.

Orange is the New Black has come to an end after seven seasons and you can find them on Netflix.

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