Apps that will help you live better

Apps that will help you live better

New technologies go further and further every day and nowadays it’s possible to find apps that do any kind of things for our daily lives. Specifically, there are apps that can help improve our well-being and make our lives simpler.

8fit - Fitness and nutrition

8fit is an app that offers customized trainings and over than 400 healthy recipes. Its formula is based on creating offers tailored to each person to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ad they specify in their app page, 9fit is not a diet, it’s an exercise program, and it can help you improve your lifestyle including exercise in your daily routine and eating better with healthy recipes. Basic version is free everywhere and there’s also a more complete paid Pro version.

ShopWell - An ally for your nutrition

This app can be very helpful when it comes to buying groceries. Through a barcode scanner, ShopWell can tell you if what you want to buy is good, based on the ingredients it has. This app can help you make a more conscious choice and buying things that are tailored to your needs and preferences. ShopWell is free and it’s only available in English at the moment. In alternative, Yuka is similar app that also scans beauty products, but it’s only available in French and Spanish.

Calm - Meditation close to hand

Many studies proved that meditation has beneficial effects on the mind and body and including it in your daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle. Meditating even just 10 minutes a day has positive effects on your mental health, which is as important as the physical one. Calm has guided meditations, breathing exercises and stories to help you fall asleep. To use it, it’s necessary to subscribe and there’s a basic free version and a paid version that has more features.

Mint - To help you manage your expenses

If you have problems figuring out how did you spend all the money in your account bank, Mint is for you. It can help you organize your expenses, keeping track of what do you spend your money for the most and how to save it. You can also create budgets and receive reminders to pay bills. Mint is free and it’s only available in English. If you prefer an app in Spanish, check out Fintonic.

Sleep Cycle - Sleep better

If you have issues sleeping, this app can help you. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep to monitor it and help you sleep better, creating a tracking of how you sleep during the night and identifying when you are sound asleep through your movements. it also find the moment when we are lightly asleep to gently wake us up with an interval of 30 minutes until the time we put our alarm to wake up completely. Moreover, you can record yourself if you want know if you snore or talk during your sleep. Sleep Cycle has a free version and a paid Premium version that is available in many languages.

Moodpath - a friend for your mental health

Unfortunately, mental health is often underrated and doesn’t get the same attention physical health does. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to take care of our mental health, the same way we take care of the physical one. For people who suffer from anxiety and depression, Moodpath can be a friend during daily life. Through questions, you will be able to have an overview of your emotions and mental state and even have an assessment every 14 days. Moreover, you will receive advices on how to manage your emotions to help you face them. Moodpath is free and also has a paid version with more features. It’s available in English and German.