Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

Art Therapy as a recovery tool

Art Therapy as a recovery tool

If you’re an art lover, you probably have felt the healing power art has when you get in touch with it. If you like painting, drawing, making sculptures or creating in general surely you have felt its effect even more. Art can be therapeutic, and that’s why lately a new form of therapy called Art Therapy is becoming more and more famous.

Art has always been used as an expression tool, and for many is a way to externalize feelings and personality. Art Therapy uses plastic art, and we refer to Art Therapy to distinguish it from other types of therapy that use different means to improve wellness and mental health, like Music Therapy. Art can be a great recovery tool, and Art Therapy can help people improve their lives in many different ways.

Express feelings

As art is a form of expression, Art Therapy can have good effects emotionally and psychologically. People can use art as a way to face or cope their fears, rage, any kind of emotional state or even mental disorders like anxiety or depression. Improving our ability to express feelings can also help how we communicate with others and, by consequence, improve our relationships. Moreover, as Art Therapy is generally a group activity (not only though) can help individuals open up to socialization.

Improve physical functions

When you paint, draw or create you make movements that can improve your physical functions, as they help mobility and coordination. Especially in older people, creating art can help to prevent movement loss, for instance in the hands.

Cognitive effects

Creating has many good effects for our brain: it helps memory, focus, creativity and generally improves cognitive processes, that keep our brain young and active. I’s especially helpful for elders, as this effects can improve their day-to-day life.

Art Therapy also has another benefit: it can be made with few materials, making it suitable for environments with limited resources. You can paint or color with different things, such as paint of any kind, pencils, markers or using any other object near you like stones, feathers, tissues, paper, jewelry or even food, that it’s useful to color. You can do Art Therapy with everything you have.

Have you ever tried Art Therapy? Would you advise it to someone?