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Face yoga: the new trend to take care of your face

Face yoga: the new trend to take care of your face

Yoga is an ancient discipline, everyone knows that. During the last few years, it became very popular thanks to many videos on how to take care of your body through this fascinating method on social media. But did you know that there's another type of yoga that focuses on taking care of your face muscles and can help you tone and reduce wrinkles?

The origins of face yoga

This new trend has its roots in the teacher Fumiko Takatsu. During her 30s she suffered a terrible car accident that changed her life and her face. She always had good skin, but after the accident she had injuries that took her glow away. After the initial shock, Fumiko started thinking about what she could do to recover her youth. "If I exercise my body muscles" she says in her web page "I should be able to do the same for my face". She started doing small facial exercises and in a few weeks she gained excellent results. People started asking her what was her secret. And this is how the face yoga method was born.

The exercises to train your face

Fumiko created many exercises to train different parts of the face: the eyes, the labial area, the chin, the forehead, the neck, etc.

In her blog, she talks about the exercises, the benefits and the results with short videos. For instance, in this video she shows one of the basic exercises to get started with face yoga, called 'The Big O', that consists in stretching your face making an 'O' with your mouth.

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In these videos, she also shows thermographic images that highlight the difference in blood circulation in the face before and after the exercise.

You can find more exercise to start training your face in her website at this link.

Picture by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels