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Fun-loving grannies with style

Fun-loving grannies with style

In a world where society is getting older and long-lived, we must take advantage of this golden age. There is a social revolution that shows us that the times of staying at home and walking to the park after a certain age are behind us.

Have you ever imagined your grandparents being the singers of a rock band in the style of The Rolling Stones or The ACDC?

Although it is hard to imagine it, but you never know, the truth is that it is more and more common to find bands made up of people over 65. If you have not yet come across any of these groups, besides the more well-known ones, in this article we are going to introduce you to three great musical groups of grandmothers who sing, rap and dance!

Osaka Obachan and KBG84

Not surprisingly, everything imaginable exists in Japan. In recent years, two rather curious bands have appeared, the Osaka Obachan and the KBG84.

The term obachan means "granny", the suffix -chan is often used affectionately to form diminutives. The Osaka Obachan is a musical group from Osaka made up of 47 middle-aged women wearing brightly coloured makeup and clothes, like Power Rangers, but with animal prints, especially leopard prints. These cheerful grandmothers usually walk around Osaka handing out sweets to everyone.

Here is an example of one of their songs:

Another successful music group in Japan is KBG84, this time made up of 33 women over 80 (the Osaka Obachan are younger). These charming grandmothers turn the tables of the old age concept and fill it with life and enthusiasm by offering their music to audiences in their country.

This curious group comes from the island of Kohama in Okinawa, one of the places whose inhabitants have the longest life expectancy, and the oldest singer is 97 years old. The group's name consists of the letter K, referring to their home island, the B comes from the word obachan, and the G comes from the Japanese word gasshodan meaning "choir".

In this link, one of the songs that has led them to success:

Buranovskiye Babushki

Now from Russia, some well-known and beloved grandmothers who made themselves known thanks to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan with their song "Party for everybody".

This musical group from the village of Buranovo, Udmurtia Republic, is made up of singers over 70 years old and from humble origins: they work in the fields cultivating and on their farms with pigs and cows, as well as fetching water from the well for domestic use.

They decided to participate in the competition to finance the construction of a church for their village. They are dressed in traditional hand-embroidered clothes with national decorations.

In case you did not know or remember them, here is the link to their performance at the festival: