Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

How art helps us to age better

How art helps us to age better

It is obvious that we are becoming more and more long-lived, our life expectancy is much higher than it used to be. But it is not just living longer, it is living with quality. They say that getting old is an art, like having your masterpiece finished and taking care of it.

While the fact of extending the old age, known as golden years, is something to admire and a blessing, we have to know how to do it to enjoy them. We have always said that thinking about one's health is the most important thing. Following a balanced diet and regular adapted exercise are two ways to extend life with quality, but our minds and abilities, as we age, can play tricks on us because of deterioration.

Therefore, finding activities that enhance our skills will help us enjoy 100% of these long years. One of these activities is art. It has been proven that art has many benefits in old age. Let's see some of them:

Helps our memory

Even though we do not believe it, our brain can learn new skills at any age, but like any muscle, it needs to be exercised so that the neurons don't die so quickly. Art improves cognitive functioning, communication, memory and develops creativity.

Relieves pain, stiffness and stress

The nature of art is relaxing, so it can help reduce the inflammation and stiffness of chronic diseases such as arthritis, intensified when there is emotional pain. Besides, another benefit of its relaxing nature is the relief of stress and the lowering of blood pressure.

Improves emotional well-being

The fact that art involves more than one person and reinforces or creates new skills makes your self-esteem improve, you do not feel alone, it helps in times of personal loss and gives you satisfaction for the achievements you made. At the same time, art encourages personal growth, as well as a sense of competence in surpassing oneself and having a purpose in life.

What other benefits does art bring us? Do you like to play an instrument, sing, paint, write, dance or cook? Explain to us in the comments about how you enjoy the art!