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About Safe365

How to create a routine with Safe365?

How to create a routine with Safe365?

Safe365 would like to introduce you its new features to improve your lifestyle! From now, you can control your routines and those of your loved ones through different alerts.

In this article, we will explain step by step how to create routines for yourself, your elderly relatives and other family members.

Types of routines

  • Personalized routine: Create the routine of your choice (take out the garbage, wash the clothes, water the plants, etc).
  • Routine taking pills: Don’t forget to take your pill. Manage and control medication intakes.
  • Routine mood: Do you feel happy, sad, hungry, tired? Share your mood with your family members.
  • Routine walk: (soon available): Know the distance traveled by your protégés and give them walking objectives to encourage them to stay active.
  • Routine check-up (soon available): Check that your loved ones are well with an automatic check.

How to create your routine?

To create your own routine, you have to go to the feed > your routines> Add Routine.

Once you tap on “Add Routine”, select the routine you want to create. And finally, configure your routine by choosing its frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Confirm the creation of your routine by tapping on “Create Routine”. Your routine has been created!

How to create a routine for your protégé?

Creating a routine for your protégé is very easy. Follow the same steps than above but instead of tapping on "your routines", tap on the name of your protégé in the feed.

Delete / edit routine

Your routines and those of your protégés are recorded in the feed in "your routines" or by tapping on the name of your protégé. You can delete or edit a routine by tapping on the 3 points of the routine> Edit / Delete Routine.