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About Safe365

How to set up the new “Walk” routine in Safe365 app?

How to set up the new “Walk” routine in Safe365 app?

From Safe365, we would like to introduce one of its new functionalities, the "Walk" routine. With it, you can know the distance travelled and set goals to meet anytime.

In this article, we will explain how to create and set up it for you or your protégés.

How to create your "Walk" routine?

To create the "Walk" routine, for you or your protégés, follow the same steps indicated in our previous article How to create a routine with Safe365?

How to set up the "Walk" routine?

Once we have selected the routine, its main screen will appear.

DISTANCE - goal to be achieved.

If we click on the default option, a window will open where we can choose the unit: Kilometers, Miles or Steps and the goal. Depending on your choice, the goal will change.

Once the unit and the goal are decided, click on “Accept”. The distance will be changed.

FREQUENCY - how often the activity will be practised

In this section, we have three options: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Depending on when this routine is to be repeated, the third section will be changed to: days, times per week or time of the month.

If we do it daily, we can click on the days we want or the whole week. Our choice will be marked in red.

Once we have our goal and frequency selected, click on the "Create Routine" button.

This routine will appear in the list of created routines with its % of the progress done it. To know the exact distance travelled, we simply click on the created routine, and the main screen will appear with that information and the remaining distance to meet.