Premonitory dreams: what are they?

Premonitory dreams: what are they?

It is not the first time we have talked about dreams. In previous articles we mentioned some sleep problems in Sleep Disorders, and the meaning of some of them in What is the meaning of my dreams? In this article, we will talk about an unusual type of dream, premonitory dreams.

Some people have a much more developed sensitivity than others to feel what might happen later, either to that person or to others. They may not always know precisely what is going to happen shortly, but they have the vision of what is going to happen with something specific.

This kind of situation can also be experienced through dreams, in which you can see the situation and the people involved. Most people tend to have ordinary and sometimes strange dreams: all the information we have collected throughout the day, our state of mind, etc. is reflected once we fall asleep.

But, what exactly are premonitory dreams?

In premonitory dreams, our brain works on an idea, and after a few days, it materializes in real life. People with this ability are more susceptible to unexplained events, more intuitive, and they are more open-minded.

The main difference between this type of dreams and normal ones is that the former are very real situations, in which the person is not within an environment that is impossible. In contrast, in ordinary ones the person or persons involved may be in unreal worlds and experience impossible situations such as flying. Another difference is that premonitory dreams are easier to remember since they leave much more information and people have the feeling of being awake.

It is worth mentioning that not all dreams that seem very real and you remember are premonitory.

During the history of humanity, there have been some very well known characters who have had revelations through their dreams that, in the end, have ended up happening. The writer Mark Twain dreamt that his brother was dead in a coffin in which he was holding a bouquet of white flowers with a red rose. After a few days, his brother Henry Twain was sailing with a boat on the Mississippi River and it caught fire, causing his brother's death from severe burns. The coffin and the bouquet of white flowers with a red rose were the same as in Mark Twain's dream.

Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe it is just our intuition and subconscious holding hands. In these cases, a previous analysis of these possible predictions could prevent us from living in complicated situations.

Have you ever had or do you know anyone who has had this kind of dreams? Tell us about your experience!