Signs your mental battery needs to be recharged

Signs your mental battery needs to be recharged

Summer is ending, the leaves are turning brown. Going back to the routine can be stressful for everyone, but even more this year. Many people didn't have the chance to enjoy vacations or taking a break, whether it's for the travel restrictions due to Covid-19 or for economic reasons.

It's important to pay attention to our mental health and notice some details that might tell us that our mental battery is dying and that it needs to be recharged.

You struggle to focus

A very common sign of burnout is that all mental work, like focusing on your job or studying, getting new ideas, etc., all take a lot of effort (more than usual). This means our brain desperately needs to rest.

You always feel tired

Mental fatigue reflects on the body. If your mental battery is dying, it's possible that you always feel tired.

You struggle to sleep

Good sleep is an important factor for our mental and physical health. Sleep can be affected by poor health, especially mental health. Not sleeping right it's a sign something is going on.

You're losing interest in things you like

When you're mentally tired, everything might turn hard or uninteresting to you. You could lose interest in things you used to enjoy, like your personal hobbies. Beware: this might also be a symptom of depression, and in this case it's important that you seek professional help.

You're always cranky

If everything gets on your nerves, it means that your mental battery is empty and that you need to disconnect from everything.

You get sick more easily

Our immunity system can get worse when we're not mentally okay. The reason is that mental tiredness affects the physical energy and, by consequence, the defenses lower down, making us more prone to get sick.

If you feel identified with many of these points, you might need to recharge your mental battery, How to do it? There're many things you could do to charge it.

The best thing to do, of course, would be to go on holiday on some quiet place where you could rest and disconnect from your job, studies, etc. But if you can't go on vacation, don't worry and read our article on how to disconnect at this link.

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash