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10 Amazing Wedding Traditions

10 Amazing Wedding Traditions

What are the strangest wedding traditions that take place among our neighbors? Today, we tell you the rarest traditions that the couple must live to have a satisfactory married life. We leave you with this little list that should make you smile...


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During the wedding ceremony, when the groom passes the ring on the bride's finger, the bride must use her thumb to prevent the ring from reaching the tip of her finger. Why? To prevent her husband from dominating her during her married life!


For our Spanish friends, it's customary for the groom's relatives to cut his tie into pieces and then throw them to the guests as a symbol of good luck.


Before marriage, Polish lovers must eat three things: bread, salt, and vodka. Bad luck if you get married at 10 am... The bread symbolizes the solidity of marriage, the salt is the spicy flavor of life and, finally, the vodka ... A small boost for the journey. When the bride and groom have finished their glass of vodka, they throw the glasses behind their back. If the glass is broken, it means your marriage will be happy.


During the ceremony, when the bride and groom are exchanging their vows, the minister drapes a loop, made of rosary beads and flowers around their shoulders in the shape of a figure eight. The loop represents the union of the couple and the infinity symbol, signifying how long they're hoping the marriage will last.


Romanians like kidnapping! As a sign that he's ready, the boyfriend has to find his bride, kidnapped by his relatives. To bring his fiancé back, he must negotiate a ransom with the kidnappers (often alcohol or a public declaration of love).


During the first seven days of the marriage of an Algerian couple, the bride must not leave her home and is exempt from all household chores ... Not bad, right?


Among our English friends, the bride should wear something blue, something new, something old and something borrowed on her wedding day. Be careful, your wedded bliss depends on it ...


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It may not surprise you, but in St. Petersburg, tradition dictates that newly-weds have to tour the most famous places to take photos and drink "Soviet champagne" at each stop. Fortunately, it's not vodka...


Here, it's traditional for the bride to sew her own dress, but ... Attention! You should NEVER finish it before the big day. You should save a small detail, such as a needle, to show that the job isn't finished. Otherwise, be careful ... It could be bad luck.


"Polterabend" in German means that the bride and groom will have to be skilled with a shovel and a broom! To wish luck to the lovers, their friends and relatives break the plates in front of the poor bride's house. This, it seems, helps ward off evil spirits. If you're invited to this little party, don't bring crystal, it brings bad luck!

After this article, if you're attending a Polish or German wedding, you'll no longer be surprised to see the bride and groom throw glasses of vodka or sweep in front of their door! 👰 🤵