The best apps for seniors

The best apps for seniors

If you thought that technology was reserved for the younger ones, think again. Seniors are embracing mobile technology at a rapid pace. The number of adults older than 65 who own smartphones has risen in the past years (42% of all senior citizens according to some research). As it is always good to know how to make the most of your devices, it is crucial to look into mobile applications. Mobile apps can be helpful for all ages. In just one click, you can access a wide range of services (many of them are free) whether you want to share pictures with your loved ones or simply entertain you in your spare time. The goal? Make your life easier! Discover our selection of the best apps whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android.

  • Social networks

Social networks are the best place to stay in touch with your friends and family. The most popular is “Facebook”, where you can post interesting content, share pictures, videos or your favourite articles as well as chatting with your contacts.

If you are passionate about photography, download “Instagram”, the best app to edit and share your best photographs. The platform “Pinterest” is also very useful to look for recipes, home ideas, or style inspiration.

  • Instant messaging services

There are other alternatives to SMS (text messages) and social networks such as “Messenger”, WhatsApp” o “Skype”. These applications will allow you to exchange instant messages or audio and video calls easily with your relatives.

  • Entertainment

There is a wide variety of free games. Train your brain and improve your memory with games such as “Fit Brains Trainer” or have fun with “Sudoku”, “Candy Crush” or “94%”.

  • Exercise

Moving is important for your health. And guess what? There is also a wide range of applications to help you stay in shape. With “Pedometer”, you can record the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour. Share your progress with your family members!

  • Music

“Spotify” is one of the largest online music library. Create your own playlist and listen to your favourite songs whenever you want!

  • Health

“Medisafe” is a health app whose main useful feature is the medication reminder option. You can set alarms to be notified and attribute a family member as a “Medifriend” to be sent reminders if you miss something.

“Big Launcher” (Android) makes the smartphone suitable for seniors and people with eye diseases, motor problems or legally blind with an easy-to-read interface, making your life much easier. And of course, if you want to allow your family members to know where you are at all times in order to feel more secure, we recommend you Safe365, the first free mobile telecare application for seniors.