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Autumn meteor showers: the Draconids are here!

Autumn meteor showers: the Draconids are here!

Sky lovers, especially those who love the night sky, should be prepared because this week and until October 12th, Draconids will cover our skies. The first meteor shower of this fall is already here to enjoy those beautiful starry nights.

What are the Draconids?

They're a meteor shower that occurs every year in early October, throughout the Northern Hemisphere, between the 6th and 12th, being more intense between the nights of 8 to 10. Its name comes from the constellation The Dragon and are remains of dust from the comet Giacobini-Zinner that's why they're also known as Giacobinides.

Unlike the Perseids, they cross the sky at 20 km/s, which makes them slower, but easier to see. For their observation, it's better to do it in the early evening, since these stars are highly sensitive to light. The moon will be very bright these days, although it won't appear until midnight.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Besides, another recommendation is not to use any type of object as a telescope and/or binoculars, since they limit vision. These events are more enjoyable the more you can see, so you don't miss the detail of any meteor crossing the sky. For this reason, it's also convenient to move away from urban areas, due to light pollution, and to be located in high places to avoid obstacles such as mountains, trees, or buildings.

And if you miss this meteor shower...

Don't worry about it, because this fall, you can enjoy up to three meteor showers. The followings are the Orionids, visible until November 7th with more activity between the night of October 21st and 22nd. Later will come the Leonids reaching their highest activity on November 17th, and, finally, we'll end the year with the Geminids, reaching their maximum on December 13th.

It's expected that all of them will be observed in excellent conditions. So, prepare your coat, a folding chair, and, if you want, your camera. It's time to enjoy the spectacles offered by the autumn nights.

Cover photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash