The new Safe365 is here to take care of your elders like never before!

The new Safe365 is here to take care of your elders like never before!

With the social distancing measures still in place due to Covid-19, there's never been a better time to create those important connections with your loved ones and be closer to them. At Safe365, it's clear for us, now more than ever, we must be well connected with our older relatives. For this reason, we've reinforced our service so that you can continue taking care of your family members from a distance. This new version is already available on Android. Soon on iOS.

With the COVID-19, these past few months have been tough and have tested us at all levels. Caring for our elders has become more difficult with the lockdown. In this period of crisis, Safe365 app can provide help and relief, completely free of charge.

“With COVID-19, we care even more about the well-being of our elders. Having a tool that lets us know how they are doing day by day means a lot to families. ”Says Guillem, founder of Safe365.

In the coming years, the population over 65 will triple. Population aging is inevitable, and current solutions such as home care or nursing homes are not available to everyone due to their high cost. Therefore, tools like Safe365 are a practical and affordable alternative.

Through the application, family members can know the location of their elders, receive security alerts (such as knowing when they leave home), know the status of the phone battery, know how many steps they have walked, and even know the level of happiness.

What's new?

A control panel on your phone

The most notable novelty of this update is the creation of a panel that will allow family members to check how their elders are. A green state means the relative is fine. If, on the contrary, the state is red, the user will need to check that everything is ok.

More specifically, whenever there's something that requires your attention, the application indicates what's happening and what action can be taken to improve the health, safety, and happiness levels of your family members.

“The goal is always to interact with them to make sure that the family member is well. If I see that my grandmother's level of happiness has dropped, I can send her a photo or call her to make her feel better”, explains Guillem.

Fight against loneliness

To fight against loneliness among the elderly, this new version offers a simple way to keep in touch and strengthen family ties. Through the application, users can send photos and videos to their grandparents and even find out how often the family is calling or visiting them. To do it in a fun way, the application has a ranking to know  who is taking care of each family member the most.

Integrated services

Another great novelty of the application is the integration of a list of services, where users will find a list of nursing homes (located in Spain). Users can filter their search by location or price, take advantage of discounts, send an email or call the residence directly from the application. This list will be expanded with other types of services (cleaning, home assistance, etc) ... To be discovered very soon!

Do you like our new version on Android? Try it, it's free!