Tips to help you disconnect

Tips to help you disconnect

Tips to help you disconnect

Very often we get caught up in our hectic routines, between work, buying grocery, trying to have a healthy lifestyle, having social relationships and more. The daily rhythm of our lives can be exhausting, especially if you live in a big city, where everything moves fast. It’s important to recognize when it’s time to disconnect and learn to actually do it to improve our wellness.

Turn off your phone

Constantly receiving messages, checking social media and waiting for emails can influence our physical and mental stress. Especially if work generally follows us at home, it’s important to find moments to be alone with no one contacting us. Moreover, unplugging from technology (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) can be a relief for our minds as much as for our eyes, as prolonged use of screens can harm our sight.

Take a walk in the nature

Connecting with nature and doing a bit of physical activity is an easy and low-budget way to unplug your mind from your everyday stress. If you live in a rural place you will have many options, but if you live in a city it’s possible that you will have limited choices if you want to walk surrounded by nature. Choose a nice and quiet park in your city and leave your phone at home to disconnect more.

Take a relaxing bath

A hot bath can be a good way to relax without expenses. If you have a bathtub, find a half an hour of your time (possibly more!) and take a hot bath, better with essential oils or bath salts and music that you like that will help you relax. You can add books, movies, a glass of wine or anything else that will help you unplug from your day.

Try meditation

You surely have heard about meditation. It’s an ancient technique that nowadays is used to manage stress and anxiety and it’s advised for its good effects on the mind and the body. Many studies proved that meditating every day has excellent results on our health and this makes it a healthy way to disconnect from your day.

Take care of yourself

Taking care of your body has a therapeutic effect on the mind. You can try to have a detox tea, applying a sheet mask on your face or book a massage in a specialized center. This little “self-love” actions have positive effects and both your mind and your body will be very happy.

Escape out of town for a weekend

Having a weekend getaway is a surely a more expensive option, but it’s also a very effective one. If you live in the city it’s possible that you end up tired of the hectic rhythm and that you would like to slow things down and enjoy peace. Spending a few days in a quieter place, like in the countryside or in the mountains, will help you rest and go back to your daily life with a fully-charged psychological battery.

What do you do when you need to unplug?

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