Tips to protect your skin from the sun after 50

Tips to protect your skin from the sun after 50

Although the sun is very healthy for our health (it provides us with vitamins and improves our mood), if we don't pay attention, we also can go through difficult moments.

Therefore, beware of exposing yourself to the sun for many hours, as it can be very harmful. In this article, we give you 3 tips to enjoy the sun rays, but with caution.

Exposing yourself with full awareness

In winter, we can observe a vitamin D deficiency among the population. This phenomenon (more frequent in the north) is related to the lack of sunlight. As a consequence of those "gray" months, depression rates are rising among the population every winter. This lack of vitamin D, in certain cases, can even lead to bone fragility. As soon as the first sun rays appear, we want to recharge batteries and make the most of the sun. However, this wonderful star is responsible for serious pathologies such as some skin cancers (for example melanoma). This is why consciousness is essential... Like these 3 tips to protect our skin from the sun!

3 rules to protect well your skin

1- Limit your sun exposure. When exposing yourself to the sun, keep to the hours before 11 AM and after 4 PM, when sunrays are less intense. Wear a hat and/or sunglasses when your activities allow it.

2- Choose the right sunscreen for your skin tone, ideally with a high index (repeat the operation every two hours and after getting wet). There're anti-aging sunscreens, rich in antioxidants, that provide more comfort to mature skin.

3- Take food supplements. Skin supplements are rich in beta carotene and can help prepare your skin before sun exposure. But be careful, although supplements can limit sun damage, one dose isn't enough to protect you completely. Besides, there're also very good foods to take care of our skin, such as carrots, tomatoes, citrus fruits, red fruits, olive oil, and green leafy vegetables.

Preserve your resistance to the sun

We're all born with a kind of "natural resistance against the sun", which designates the ability of our epidermis to sunbathe. Once this natural resistance is depleted, your body draws on a personal reserve. This is when "complications" appear, such as sagging skin, the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, etc.

Finally, the only way to preserve our skin is limited to nothing less than these three simple gestures mentioned above.