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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Cover photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

At last, summer has finally arrived. The heat, the good weather, the outdoor activities, the beach bars, the holidays, the sea, etc., in short, a season we enjoy more outside than inside.

If you want to fully enjoy those magical summer moments, what better than discovering new worlds? This time, we aren't talking about traveling by land, but about traveling to the depths of the sea where Jules Verne dazzled us with his adventures inside the Nautilus, or where Jacques Cousteau spent his life to show us the underwater paradise.

Photo by Eychenne on Pixabay

Have you ever dived? Would you like to?

Wrecks full of history, tropical fish, colorful coral gardens, whales, sharks, dolphins. If you haven't tried it yet, read on, you might want to become a newt or a mermaid!

Diving is an underwater activity and is usually practiced in the open sea and lakes. There are several types, but the most accessible for everyone is recreational. Despite that, to carry out this activity, as in any other, you need basic training and specific equipment.

The Benefits of Scuba Diving

Although there are many myths about this activity, we can tell you that many of them are false: danger, being eaten by a shark, claustrophobia, etc.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels

Like any sport, there is always some risk, but diving is one of the safest. The existing safety margins, to get into the water, are very wide. Besides, it brings a long list of benefits to enjoy it in the company.

Some of these benefits are:

  • It tones the muscles and is suitable for all ages.
  • It develops orientation, coordination, and psychomotor skills.
  • You meet new people and improve your social life.
  • While exercising, you enjoy the great biodiversity that surrounds you.
  • You disconnect from everything, leading you to calm and inner peace.
  • Relationships with your partner, family, and friends are strengthened if you practice together.
  • Adventure trips to discover new paradises are guaranteed.
  • You become more aware of how fragile marine ecosystems are, the impact of the human footprint, and you learn to take care of them.

As guardians of the sea, the diver has to follow very strict rules when performing this activity: be respectful of the environment, do not touch anything, and above all... Just leave bubbles while enjoying direct contact with marine nature.

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash