What your favorite season says about your personality

What your favorite season says about your personality

Do you have a favorite season? Some people love spring, flowering trees, sunny days and mild temperatures. Others prefer the long hot summer days and then there are those who fall in love with fall or with the cold but comforting winter nights. In short, everyone has their favorite season, sometimes influenced by our month of birth or our childhood memories. And our choice says a lot about our personality.

Why do we prefer certain seasons?

Researchers have discovered that seasonal changes in temperature and light can have an impact on our mood and behavior. A recent study affirms that the moment of the year in which we are born will affect our personality when we reach adulthood.

Results of the study:

  • People who were born in the spring and summer months had excessively positive temperaments and were more likely to experience rapid changes in mood.
  • People who were born during the winter season, on the other hand, were less likely to have irritable temperaments.

Note: The place where we live, the typical climate of that region as well as our past experiences can influence our choice. For example, if you have grown up enjoying the outdoors during summer and you have pleasant memories of the summer season, then you are more likely to love summer when reaching adulthood.

Do your personal preferences reveal something about your personality?

Your season is spring

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In some parts of the world, spring is when the short, dark days of winter give way to warmer temperatures. Landscapes become greener and flowers reappear. You are an original person, always looking for new experiences. You are a very warm and loving person and you need special attention from your loved ones.

Your season is summer

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You feel at your best when the days get longer, warmer and brighter, when your skin turns golden with the sun, when you can enjoy a lemonade on the terrace. Normal, you are a summer person. Just as summer is a whirlwind of energy, you can't stop for a moment. You love to get out of your comfort zone, move, travel, see people, enjoy the outdoors. More outgoing than introverted, we describe you as someone jovial, optimistic and upbeat.

Your season is autumn

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Autumn is described by vibrant orange, brown and red colors with cooler weather than in summer. You have a calm, romantic and creative personality. However, your mood is a roller coaster of emotions full of changes. You release serenity and you always seek peace in your life.

Your season is winter

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You like to walk in the cold, sheltered under your warm scarf and hat. You like to hibernate a little, under your blanket in front of a good movie with a hot drink. Winter is definitely your season. You don't like to leave your comfort zone very much. We could describe you as an introverted person, with a calm personality.