Frequently Asked Questions

About Safe365

Is Safe365 free?

Is Safe365 designed just for seniors?

What is Safe365?

Emergency button

What happens when I ask for help by pressing the red button?

Is the 112 who answers the phone?

What happens if I press the red button by mistake?

What happens if I need help and use the panic button but I can not answer the call?

Can I use Safe365 to report an emergency in which I am not affected?

Can I try the emergency button?

If I press the emergency button, will I also notify my Protectors?

Protectors and Proteges

What is a Protege?

What is a Protector?

I can’t locate one of my Proteges, why?

How can I delete a contact?

How can I add a contact?

Can I see the location of my Protectors?

Can I add or remove a place from a Protege?

Can I stop sending notifications to my Protectors/Proteges?

How to share a place with one of your Proteges

How can I create a Protege Profile?

Can I locate a contact that I do not have added as my Protege?

Places settings

Can I keep sending notifications every time I enter or leave one of my places, even though my GPS locator is no longer activated?

How can I create a place?

Can I add or remove a place from a Protege?

Profile settings and permissions

How do I change my name, email address or picture?

Where can I add my allergies, diseases, etc.?

Can I change the language of the app?

How can I delete my account?

Requested Permissions


Do I still send notifications even though I don’t have the GPS locator activated?

Can I stop sending notifications to my Protectors?

GPS Location

Do you keep my location data in your registers?

In enclosed spaces the location is sometimes incorrect

My location is not correct, it places me in a different position

Which types of locator can I use?

How can I stop sharing my location? How can I close the app?

Can I delete a route?

Can I use Safe365 and another geolocation app as a complement?

I lost my phone or it was stolen and I had Safe365 installed, can you help me find it?

System and Battery

How much battery does Safe365 consume?

Does Safe365 still working even though my phone device is out of battery?

How can I disable my battery alerts?

Device’s Settings

Some devices don’t allow Safe365 to work properly. Please, configure your device and your Proteges’ following these indications according to the manufacturer:

Using Huawei

Using Xiaomi

Using Moto G

Using OPPO

Using Samsung


Privacy Policy and Terms of Use