How to create a Protege profile

If the person you want to protect has problems to deal with technology, now you can also create the profile before he downloads the app, so when he does, he’ll have everything configured and he won’t have to do anything else. To do this, once you have configured his profile, you should follow these steps:

· Find the person you want to protect in the search bar below the map
· Before giving it to invite, click on his name
· It will open a screen that offers you the option of “Create profile and invite”. Click and configure his profile: you can add his name, frequented areas and profile picture.
· Once this is done, you just have to click on invite, download the app on your phone, and everything will be ready so you can start protecting him.
· If you have already sent an invitation, you will have to cancel it. To do this, go to his contact and in the upper right corner you will find three dots. Click on them and select “Cancel invitation”.

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