Requested permissions

Safe365 also requires that you authorize access to some data of your device. That’s what the app needs from your phone device:

Your location

To share it with your Protectors and with the 112 in case of emergency.

Your contact list

So you can add your Protectors or you Proteges and connect more easily with your family and friends by improving your security.

Your camera

To make a ‘selfie’ for your profile picture.

Your gallery

To choose a saved picture of yourself for your profile picture.

Your phone

To be able to send your position in case of emergency with a simple call to 112 and make calls to your Protectors and Proteges directly from the app.

Your distance

To know the distance you make per day without spending battery and share it with all your Protectors simply by adding your Google account.

To accept all the requested permissions in case you haven’t done it before, you can do it in Settings > Permissions.

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