Using Xiaomi

Apps in the background

Due to the customization layer of their devices, to save battery the system closes apps, passing them to the background, and causing some apps like Safe365 to stop working. If you want to avoid that Safe365 stops working in the background, you can do it by pressing the button of our app in the recent apps – which work in the background – and slide it down with your finger, until it is fixed in the bottom of the screen.

Activate ‘High Accuracy’ location mode

To activate the ‘High Accuracy’ location mode, follow these indications:

1. Go to Configuration or Settings > Additional settings > Privacy > Location
2. Activate the use of the GPS location by selecting the indicator next to “Access my location” to activate the function.
3. Choose the “High Accuracy” location mode so your device can find your exact position using all available resources around you: the mobile network and the Wi-Fi network.

Using Moto G
Using Huawei
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