What is Safe365?

Safe365 is a mobile app (available for iOS and Android) designed to improve the safety of your family and friends. With this GPS locator you’ll be able to know the location of the people you want, with their consent, in real time: if they go for a walk in the neighborhood, if they enter or leave their home, if they have arrived at work… Basically, you’ll be able to know they are safe.

If anything happens to them, Safe365 also includes an emergency button for them to press in case of need. If you are in Spain or Andorra and press the emergency button, the app will directly contact the rescue services, and will send them your accurate location. In the rest of the world, Safe365 will immediately alert their Protectors.

The app has other functionalities, such as sending automatic notifications when your Proteges enters or leaves a certain area, know the routes of your Proteges and warn you when their mobile devices are running out of battery, if they are static or moving, whether they have or not Internet access, etc.

Is Safe365 free?
¿Seguiré enviando notificaciones cada vez que entre o salga de un Lugar aunque no tenga la ubicación de la App activada?
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